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The Nostalgic Doula

Sarah Drawwater

A little bit about me...

My name is Sarah Drawwater, I am a birth Doula, a Hypnobirthing Facilitator and creator of Birth Prep In A Box.

I live in a little Fenland Cambridgeshire town with my family and our little grumpy dog.

In my work as a Doula I strive to support my clients to find unbiased, evidence based information to support their decision making when planning for birth and their lives with a baby.

This is never an easy task to undertake alone whilst also navigating our sometimes complex maternity systemc, and Google can be a very scary place when you’re expecting a baby! So in 2021 I created birth Prep In A Box as a way to share unapologetically simple antenatal education that could be accessible to all, not just my Doula clients.

What do I offer?

I am available for booking of private one-2-one (or one-2-two) classes, either in person or online starting at £30. Please visit my website for more information on prices and booking.

Discounts available

I would love to offer mini course attendees the following:

One-2-One Recap video calls at 1/3 off - £20 per hour

One-2-One 10hr Course - 25% off at £240 (between 9-3 Monday to Friday)

Full Online course for only £19.99

To claim, please contact me via the website or on 07584 245179.







Sarah Drawwater

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