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I am here to help you draw up your own map and fill your suitcase with tools
Journey to birth

I believe that birth is a journey, it is one portion of a lifelong story that we embark on during our own births.

Planning your journey doesn’t mean that you must plot a route and idly stick to it, oh no: There may be unexpected barriers and detours required to get to your destination, and that’s ok, almost to be expected. But with some careful planning, a little bit of soul searching and the right support you will draw up your map of the whole landscape, ensuring that you stay in control of the twists and turns in your journey.

I am here to help you draw up your own map, fill your suitcase with tools and support you to trust in yourself, trust your body and your ability to trust the path ahead.

Birth Preparation & Hypnobirthing Toolkit

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  • Birth Preparation & Birth Plan writing cards

  • FREE online birth preparation course

  • Online Hypnobirthing Course

  • Book a one-2-one format course with the BPIAB creator and Doula, Sarah Drawwater

  • Find a facilitator close to you

Birth Doula Support

from £950

Various packages available, can include:

  • Antenatal visits to your home or appointments

  • Full birth preparation course

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Birth Pool Hire

  • Birth Sling Hire

  • Birth Support

  • Birth Photography

  • Breastfeeding/Feeding Preparation

  • Postnatal support

Drawing Up Your Map

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Client views...

I believe the best way for you to get a glance of what I have to offer you is through the words of my clients. These lovely peeps have agreed to share their experiences...

Lauren says...

Lauren says...

Sarah is a fantastic doula, very knowledgeable and always has a great article to support the information and sends it for you to digest in your own time. She is non judgemental and reassuring. Sarah has given us so much support over WhatsApp and face to face and has a great soothing approach with our newborn. As new parents we've learnt so much from Sarah and if she doesnt know the answer shes got a great network of people, who specialise in other topics, that she can confidently recommend. Thank you.

Ariana says...

We feel so fortunate having had Sarah by our side during pregnancy, birth and during the fourth trimester. Both myself and my husband learned much (from guidelines, hypnobirthing and learning to advocate for ourselves and our baby) felt supported and most importantly we were empowered at every single step and I could safely tap into my instincts and make conscious choices along the way. To someone looking from the outside, my pregnancy and birth were not straight forward and text book, but I absolutely loved the whole journey and I am sure having an advocate by our side played a huge part to me feeling I had such a positive experience! I'd absolutely recommend Sarah as your doula. Learn, educate yourselves and have this kind, knowledgeable and strong doula by your side along the way!!

Amy Says...

Amy says...

Sarah is an amazing doula and I would highly recommend her. I didn't do the hypnobirthing course with her but in the days running up to my labour she did some with me to help release some painful emotions and fear that was arising from my previous abuse experience. It was wonderful and I now wish I had done the whole hypnobirthing course with her! She was brilliant support prior to the birth and at the birth whilst she could be there (I had to transfer to hospital in the middle of covid lockdown). I would recommend her to anyone!

Photo of two parents with a baby in a grey stretchy wrap.

Nina says...

Sarah is just the best, I can't imagine my birth without her ❤️ From the moment she joined us on our birth journey we knew we were in the best hands. Sarah draws on an incredible set of online and offline resources, meditations and tools which made us feel confident and prepared for the birth of our baby. Sarah is very knowledgeable - she supported us with any questions we had throughout our birth journey and was always able to point us to lots of different resources for us to form opinions and create our birth plan. Aa a same sex couple we were grateful that Sarah's materials were already inclusive and she checked in with us on a number of occasions to ensure nothing was missed even down to how we wanted to be addressed by staff in hospital. As soon as labour started Sarah was there with a Mary Poppins style bag producing anything I could need in that moment from snacks to scents, even mood lighting! She has a very calming presence and was an absolute rock helping me stay calm, control my breathing, talk through visualizations and so much more. Sarah moves with great intuition and sensitivity. We feel very blessed to have had her with us for the birth of our baby, I can't recommend her highly enough.

Britty says...

Britty says...

​Sarah was an amazing support for both myself and my husband throughout our early parenthood journey. She educated us about labour, birth and beyond, ensuring we felt confident and positive. Throughout the long labour and birth she was an incredible birth partner. She was very calm and reassuring and always asked the right questions. She ensured that no matter how our labour developed we felt positive and safe. After the birth of our son her postnatal support was outstanding. She was there every step of the way in those early days, offering advice and support. We cannot thank Sarah enough or speak more highly of her. We truly believe all couples on their birth journey need a Sarah!

Daisy says...

We asked Sarah to be part of our birthing circle quite late on into our pregnancy as I was getting nervous about the feeling of lack of control I had once my pregnancy was deemed ‘high risk’. I needed someone else on my side to help understand my wishes and who could be another voice for me during birth if I was otherwise busy (as in, birthing a baby!) Sarah was with us for my whole 3 day labour as a guiding light for us with the crazy ups and downs and even when things went off plan, because of her careful and diligent planning with us beforehand my son’s birth was incredible, beautiful and empowered. Best decision we could have made!

Fiona says...

Sarah is just wonderful. She was our doula and photographer at our homebirth a few weeks ago and the graceful and quiet way she protected our birth space was wonderful. All the support she provided us with during the pregnancy and in the lead up to the birth was invaluable and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone considering a doula for their pregnancy and birth. The photos she took to document the birth beautifully captured the atmosphere and we’ll always cherish them. We’ll certainly be in touch if we decide to have a third baby!

Hayley says...

Sarah was an amazing doula to us and we are so glad we found her! We decided to find a doula with our second pregnancy as we were expecting MCDA twins and we realised that as we were classed as ‘high risk’ we would need some help from outside of the system. We hoped for a homebirth but eventually agreed with the hospital that we could go into the birth centre and Sarah helped us to achieve that as it was not easy. She was amazing during the birth too and I think my husband appreciated having her their for his support. I 100% recommend her services!

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It would be an absolute pleasure to have a chat with you and talk through which would be best for you and what you would like to do next.

Drop me a message and we’ll have an informal chat about your options. As ever I will be happy to help you to make an informed choice that is best for you and your family.

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Sarah Drawwater

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Areas that I cover, The Nostalgic Doula - Peterborough, Hinchingbrooke, King Lynn, Cambridge and the surrounding areas.
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