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Cambridgeshire Doula services

Providing Doula services for Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterborough, the Fens and west Norfolk too.

I am a graduate of Developing Doula’s, Doula preparation course, completed in 2019 and am very happy to be a member of Doula UK (where you can find my full Doulography ☺️) and Cambs Doulas too.

I live in the Fenland town of Ramsey, which is pretty central in Cambridgeshire, I therefore can happily offer care to most of the county and often beyond into Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire too.

What can a Doula do for me?

I write in my blog about Postnatal Doulas being like Play Doh: We are there to be moulded into whatever you need us to be. So what does this mean for you?

As a Birth Doula I am there for my clients before baby arrives, through your labour and birth and am there to support postnatally too, as much as you need me.

I offer a full birth preparation course as part of my package, this includes Hypnobirthing. I also offer unlimited visits to you in your home whilst you are preparing for your birth and this also gives, you, your partner and I plenty of time to get to know each other.

In what can be an intense time in our lives, with such a steep learning curve as we not only learn about our babies but also so much about ourselves and our partners too: I love to be your sounding board, your go-to cushion for a yell or a cuddle. Your window and filter onto a world of research and knowledge that lurks everywhere around us from the moment we step foot on our parenting story board.

Doula Support
I believe in offering women and birthing people, their partner and their families informational, emotional and practical support during their journey through their pregnancy and well into parenthood should they want me to.

My aim is to travel with you along the way, signposting you to information and services in your area whilst being you and your family’s emotional and often physical support too, the whole way.
Birth Pool and The Birth Sling hire is also included for every one of my clients if they want it.


I offer bespoke Hypnobirthing, included as standard in my birth Doula package. I believe in the power of the mind body connection which is truly enhanced to it’s best with Hynobirthing techniques. I therefore aim to make it accessible to as many birthing people and their partners as possible.

Birth Photography

I also offer birth photography to each of my clients as standard. My camera will be packed in my on-call bag ready to capture as much or a little of your birth story as you would like me to. For some their photographic birth story board holds dear memories, for others it is a tool to process their birth memories.

Sarah Drawwater - The Nostalgic Doula

Sarah Drawwater

My name is Sarah Drawwater, I am Mummy of two very gorgeous boys born in 2013 and 2015, and wife to one incredibly hard working and supportive husband.

Find out more about me here....

Chocolate Cupcakes

Doula support without the cherry

I also acknowledge that some families are looking for a little more than an antenatal/Hypnobirthing teacher and a little less than a full birth doula.
(and perhaps some are looking for a birth doula but have a smaller budget in mind)

This is why I have added a 'doula without the cherry' package to my offerings - I believe that my antenatal support/offerings are the core of what I have to offer, they are what brings the most value to you as a family preparing for birth - they are the flour, the butter, the eggs and the sugar in your cake. With measured care, attention and nurturing these ingredients will make a mighty fine cake. 

For some, when done properly antenatal doula-ing will leave both you AND your birth partner with all the tools you need to have a splendid birth.

This is why I believe that having me there at your birth is there cherry on the cake. A lot of people want or need the cherry, and that is just perfect.

But for some, a delicious cake will do.

Ask me about my 'doula without the cherry' deal for more info.

(see also virtual doula if distanced support is what you need)

What’s next?

My Birth Doula package starts from £1450, depending on location.

Virtual doula and 'doula without the cherry' packages start at £150/month.

If you would like more information or just an informal chat please get in touch now and I’ll be back in touch very soon with some information and we can organise a meet up.

Get in touch

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