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Birth Prep In A Box

Uncomplicating Hypnobirthing

Birth Prep In A Box is a fully comprehensive toolkit for Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing practice.

As the creator of BPIAB I am proud to say that it is the only toolkit of it's kind (bold statement I know, but keep reading to know more about why/how). This is because it truly is flexible to both the family's needs and the preferences of the person presenting the information.
(I find it really tends to appeal to neurodivergent families and facilitators).

The whole toolkit is based around a set of 57 flashcards, each holding nuggets of information on a variety of topics with leads to explainer videos, audio descriptions & much more in depth information, evidence and research in our enormous resources library, should the family want to take their learning further.

This approach truly does 'uncomplicate' Hypnobirthing and preparing for birth, whilst still making trusted, reliable information easy to find without any need to step into the opinionated world of Google.

We pride ourselves on having a community driven approach to everything. No-one is the expert here, we simply share our knowledge and experiences with one another and really encourage ongoing learning and exploration.

I strive to keep the course cost low at just £300 (increasing to £450 in 2025) - for this you will take part in our 10 hour live Zoom course and will receive full access to the entire BPIAB kit, and all ongoing support is provided via regular meet ups and our community group on the website. There are no ongoing membership fees, we just ask that you keep up to date with what is going on at BPIAB and purchase a 'Client pack' (£40) for each client, this approach means that your cost are completely covered by your clients: if you're not earning then you have no costs.

Continue reading below for lots more information, or contact me now to have a chat and get to know more about the course and what it could offer you and your own clients.

Sarah x

Image of Sarah Drawwater, a Cambridgeshire doula featured here with short brown hair.
Image of two of the birth prep in a box cards. The index card and a Hypnobirthing card.

Get to know more

If you're considering whether Birth Prep In A Box is the right provider for you please get in touch now using the short form here.
I won't hound you, I promise! But I will send you information on upcoming course dates and a cheeky discount as a thank you for taking the first step.

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How is Birth Prep In A Box Different?

Birth Prep In A Box is the ONLY truly fully comprehensive birth preparation course that evolves to the way the individual learns best, and the way the facilitator shares best too - It flexes to both learning/teaching styles and budgets too.

I originally created this Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing course for myself and my own Doula clients back in 2021. Having  seen how much of a positive impact it had on my own client's experiences of birth I began to make the full materials available to as many people as possible.

So Birth Prep In A Box became an online course with the printed version available to purchase too (aka 'The cards), but we all know that one-2-one or in person learning is the gold standard here don't we?!

Now here I am with a mission to make Hypnobirthing Facilitator training accessible to as many people as possible with a whole new approach, with the hope that these unbiased, evidence based birth preparation tools can find their way to as many families as they possibly can.

What is included in the training?

Training costs £300 and involves a 10 hour live online group course with all the ongoing support you need

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A little introduction to me Sarah Drawwater, and what is involved in the BPIAB facilitator courses...

Why choose Birth Prep In A Box?

10 hour live course (online) - Costing only £300
Printed set of 57 Cards plus a Crystal & Labyrinth

Learn about birth prep course content & how to present it
Learn to be confident with what/why Hypnobirthing works

Start-up business support

Ongoing business support

Private online community for facilitators

No ongoing membership fee

Purchase a client pack for each of your clients plus guidance on how to build this charge into your fee

Suitable for online teaching, in person teaching, groups, one-2-one, for Doulas, Midwives as well as people brand new to birth work

Content suitable for long, short or recap course formats

Variety of inclusive language used throughout

Bionic reading scripts also available

All easily accessible from WiX Spaces App

Ongoing marketing opportunities including:

  • Guest Blog opportunities

  • Newsletter facilitator spotlights

  • Facilitator listing on our website

  • Free course to entice new clients

  • Free 8 page birth plan guide PDF

Benefits for you the facilitator...

Set of 34 visual birth prep flashcards for each client

plus 23 Hypnobirthing & affirmation flashcards

Bitesize nuggets of information presented in the best way for them and their partner, facilitated by you

Online course materials for all clients - including recap videos for each card

6 core MP3's +Bonus MP3's for listening practice

Access to Hypnobirthing scripts for practice with a partner

Extensive searchable Resource Library

Online social community away from social media

All accessible by WiX Spaces App

Each client will learn about:

  • Hormones and the physiological process of birth

  • How the medical model works & how their guidelines work

  • How to write a birth plan & make informed decisions in the moment

  • Human rights in childbirth & the options available

  • How to research safely without consulting Dr Google

  • The importance of a birth partner & the tools they can use

  • How the mind-body connection works & why it is integral in birth

  • About interventions such as induction & caesarean birth and when/why they may choose to accept them

  • They will leave with the confidence to plan their birth THEIR way and the knowledge & power to advocate for themselves

Benefits for your clients...


Mary-Jane Doula

"Such a wonderful and thorough course. I learned so much and had really meaningful conversations with Sarah and the other participants. It was great to learn from other people in the birth world about what they do and embrace their knowledge. If you're considering becoming a hypnobirthing facilitator I can't recommend this course enough. It was very insightful and the ongoing community and support is incredible. I feel having the cards makes it so much easier to impart that information onto parents-to-be with consistency and concision, as well as allowing for more in depth discussion on each topic."

Bonnie Norfolk Doula

"This has been such a helpful resource for me as a doula! The course was great, and very reasonably priced compared to many other Hypnobirthing facilitator courses. It was lovely to build a network of other birth workers. The cards give me a structure to my birth preparation sessions, which has saved me so much time planning sessions. I am offering Hypnobirthing to my birth clients as well as a standalone course, and passing the small recurring cost of the package on to my clients. The cards are beautiful and my clients love having something to keep, and remind them of the key information we cover. I would recommend adding this to your tool kit to any Doula! 🌈💕"

Thea Anderson IBCLC

"Birth Prep In A Box is an incredible resource for families. It provides a wealth of knowledge across antenatal education, birth preparation and planning. It covers Hypnobirthing, through hypnosis and mindfullness education, as well as access to a variety of mp3 tracks to use. I am a doula and IBCLC and have been fortunate enough to train with Sarah, the creator of Birth Prep In A Box, to be able to offer this wonderful package of education and resources to my clients. It is an adaptable and flexible programme and can suit any family, in any situation, through any circumstances."

Who is this course for?

  • Midwives

  • Student Midwives (discounted rate)

  • Doulas

  • Hypnotherapists

  • Parents who want to make a difference to other parents

Ready to find out more?

If you're considering whether Birth Prep In A Box is the right course provider for you please get in touch now using the short form here.
I won't hound you, I promise!

But I will send you information on upcoming course dates and a cheeky discount as a thank you for taking the first step.

Student Midwife offer - 50% off
There are two student midwife places available on each course. Please contact me directly to book one of these places for just £150 (increasing in 2025).

Got any questions?

If you have anything at all that you would like to ask please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Join the Become a Facilitator Facebook group now to read lots more about it and hear the experiences of others who have already done the course and are now using the kit with their own clients.

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