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Birth Imagery

Sheela Na Gig - There are many many theories behind these statues. But one is that Sheela Na Gig is a symbol of just what women’s bodies are capable of. It is relatively easy to find an image of an erect penis and therefore we simply accept their power to grow and shrink without pain or damage. Sheela can be thought of a Symbol for the same with women’s bodies; she is proudly showing her enlarged vulva and just how large her vagina within can grown…all with a smile on her face. Read more theories about Sheila here… The Sheila Na Gig Project

The Rose of Jericho - This is a plant that is capable of coming back to life, of growing and evolving into something unrecognisable in just FOUR SHORT HOURS!

It is often used a symbolism in birth. Some people even choosing to have one ready to put into water at the beginning of their labour and to use as a visual reminder of what is happening within.

Read more about how to care for a Rose of Jericho here…


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