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You will need to purchase this package for each Hypnobirthing client.

(Clients must not be given access to the Hypnobirthing course without this package)


Included in the package is one year’s access to the online Birth Prep & Hypnobirthing tools PLUS a copy of the Birth Prep In A Box cards, including the 23 Hypnobirthing cards that are not available to the general public.


I can ship these anywhere in the world - I may need to ask for a contribution to extra postage costs.


IMPORTANT: Please pay close attention to the Delivery address, I will automatically ship the cards to the address given here.


A ‘Coupon Code’ will be sent to your client with their copy of the cards, this code can then be given to your client to access the online tools at no cost to them.


Online Only Packs

If your client will need an online only pack these can be purchased here. Please buy online packs only where absolutely necessary.

Facilitators - Hypnobirthing Client Package


Special Offers