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Thea Anderson IBCLC and Doula

Thea Anderson

Thea Anderson

A little bit about me...

Hello, I'm Thea, a passionate birthworker and breastfeeding specialist, a mum of two, a gardening enthusiast and an advocate for informed choice. I live in a village by the sea and work with families throughout the perinatal period across South East Kent.

My goal is to support families to achieve the outcomes they desire. I strive to do this through emotional and practical support, signposting to resources and evidence based information and providing education around informed consent and rights in birth.

I support all families through all birth choices.

What do I offer?

I love supporting families as a Birth Prep In A Box facilitator.

The versatility of this course means it can be tailored to whatever suits your situation best.
I can deliver the session with you and your birth partner in person in the comfort of your own home; evening and weekend sessions are available. If required I can facilitate the course online through video calls.

In general I deliver the course over 3-4 sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours. However, if required it can be provided as a full one-day course.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do get in touch.







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