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What is the Three Step Rewind Process?

This is a technique used to help someone feel differently about an experience or memory and therefore freeing them from negative reactions and emotions that may affect an upcoming birth or life in general.

Who is it for?

If you are preparing for an upcoming birth and carrying trauma with you from a previous experience of birth or something else that is affecting your feelings on your upcoming birth then this process is for you.

The process is appropriate for anyone who has experienced trauma, both the birthing person and their partner and takes place by video call.

How does it work?

The Rewind Technique is a non-intrusive, safe and highly effective psychological method for de-traumatising people. This technique can bring relief to parents and families who are traumatised after a difficult birth experience. Three Step Rewind is an NLP practice that, as the name would suggest, takes place in three steps.

Each session will usually last between 1-2 hours:

Step 1:

I will explain the process in this session and you will have the opportunity for me to listen to your story if you wish to tell it. I will then walk you through a guided relaxation and you can record this if you would like to take away with you and listen to through the week.

Step 2:

In this session we will perform the rewind using a guided relaxation and visualisation technique enabling you to remember the event in a way that feels safe.

You will usually feel better almost immediately after this session.

Step 3:

This session is a follow up to talk about the way your are feeling and anything that is important to you.

If you would like to know more, I or chat about if this is the right process for you then please do get in touch now.

If you’re ready to book please simply click the button below and we’ll get this rolling.

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