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What is a DD Companion?

A Developing Doulas Companion is a Doula who has been selected for their excellent listening skills and and range of experiences with supporting families throughout many different maternity journeys through the birth and postnatal periods.

A companion will support a fellow doula through the mentoring process of learning and reflection, and onto acknowledgment.


Primary companionship monthly fee: £45 per month

(Reduced to £35 per month after acknowledgment if you wish to continue)

This monthly fee includes all email & WhatsApp support and short phone calls.

Each client debrief (one per client, approx 1-2hour video call) will be charged at £45, with a maximum of 5 (for birth and postnatal respectively).


Recognition interviews will take place in person (if geographically possible) and will be charged at £60 each. The monthly fee also includes access to my online Companion's Community group.

The total fee for recognition will be capped at £285 for either birth or postnatal (or £570 for both), this is in addition to the monthly fee which can be paused at any time if you have a gap between clients.

My Specialisms

I'm very happy to work with Doulas as a primary companion or one off (at £25/hr) for either Birth or Postnatal.

I have a particular interest in antenatal education, Biomechanics for birth and diversifying your Doulas business into online courses and other products.

I am trained in BF peer support/Mindful Breastfeeding, three step rewind, Biomechanics for birth, and Hypnobirthing. I also have my own Birth Prep & Hypnobirthing course and offer facilitator training (discounted for DD's & mentees)

Sarah Drawwater - The Nostalgic Doula

What happens first?

If you have had a little nosey around my website and maybe my socials too and you feel that I may be the Doula for you then let’s chat... ❤️

As with any Doula relationship it is important that we both feel a connection. So as a starting place let’s book a video call and find out a bit more from one-another and what it is that you are look for from your Mentor/Companion.

Get in touch now to get the ball rolling.

Ready to go ahead?

Set up you monthly payments quickly and easily here...

Companion Payments



Every month

Primary companionship monthly fee: £45 per month

Valid until canceled

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