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What is a night Doula?

As a night Doula I come to your home during the night time hours, often from 9pm ish to 7am ish and offer my services to you, your family and your baby, whilst you sleep. 💤

This includes breastfeeding support, soothing, holding and sometimes feeding baby. As always, it is a very flexible service that can turn into whatever you need it to be really.

Postnatal & Night Doula - Cambridgeshire

What does it cost?

My hourly rates are £20 for daytime hours & £25.00 night time hours.

Fuel costs may apply.

Like to know more?

I would love to have a chat with you, find out a bit more about each other and what you’re looking forward from your Doula. Get in touch now and we'll organise a chat...

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