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Hypnobirthing & Birth Prep Course

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This birth preparation course will help you find out what it is that you don't already know, help you work out what it important to you and plan for a positive birth. The Hypnobirthing Tools will teach you techniques to stay calm, relaxed and in control, without even thinking about it. Birth Partners - This course will arm you with tools and information enabling you to step into your vital role in the birth room. All Accessible through a handy app. Topics covered in the course: Hormones Oxytocin Adrenaline Endorphins Prolactin Relaxin and importantly how to harness them for a positive birth experience for everyone Stages of Labour Latent Phase 1st Phase 2nd Phase 3rd Phase Golden Hour Fourth Trimester And information on what these stages are likely to look and feel like for both you and your partner Practical Preparation Where Environment Pain Relief Biomechanics Microbiome Vitamin K Knowing Your Rights Decision Making Birth Plan Writing Sample Birth Plan Hypnobirthing Hypnosis & Mindfulness for Birth What is Hypnosis The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle The Brain & Birth The Conscious Mind The Subconscious Mind Autonomic Nervous System Mind Body Connection Vagus Nerve Affirmations ‘Pain Relief’ Language Brain Training Mammals & Birth What is Mindfulness Breathing Anchors Sounds of Labour Where’s the evidence Plus easily accessible ongoing practice and research materials.


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Birth Prep In A Box Community Group

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