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Become a Hypnobirthing Facilitator - April 24

Apr 17, 2024 - Oct 17, 2024

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(This is a student midwife only course) How is Birth Prep In A Box Different? ​Birth Prep In A Box is the ONLY truly fully comprehensive birth preparation course that evolves to the way the individual learns best, and the way the facilitator shares best too - It flexes to both learning/teaching styles and budgets too. In this course we spend time talking through the cards, which are the central part of the course. You will learn not only the information on display but supporting information to share with your client verbally too. You will learn all about the mind body connection and how we can harness it as human being using Mindfulness and self Hypnosis techniques, and importantly you will learn how to share this information with your clients in the best way for them! We then go on to share idea of this incredibly flexible kit can be used in your own business model as well as lots of information on how to run a birth worker business too. This course is fantastic for practitioners who don't necessarily learn in the traditional ways themselves too. It even includes a bionic reading version of the scripts to help with reading flow. The 10 hours of live time together will take place over two sessions, a week apart. In between and after these live Zoom sessions there is ongoing, self driven learning to consolidate your learning. You will have access to our 'Group Discussion' community group created exclusively for BPIAB Facilitators for ongoing learning & discussion. Your certificate will then be issued at the end of the course.


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Facilitators Community Group

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